Meet The Band

Clare Vocalist - North Star Party Band


Clare is the star of the North Star. She has been blessed with the most wonderful effortless voice, with an incredible range. She grew up in Wrexham and won her first singing competition aged 3, and was up against 12-year-olds!

Throughout her life she has been closely involved with the Grove Park Theatre Wrexham, performing in pantomimes, musicals and plays, often with the lead role. She has also provided vocal coaching for some productions. She has a lovely smile and is warm and engaging with any audience.

John Guitar Player - North Star Party Band


In John, we have a natural multi-instrumental musician. He will play keyboards with his guitar slung around his neck, just ready for that next guitar solo. What a talent!

Having grown up in Macclesfield, he first played in professional bands age 15 and had been performing ever since. He has sailed the world as a manager on cruise ships but now is a Cheshire based land-lubber musician, writing and recording his own material.

Josh Guitar Player - North Star Party Band


With Josh, we have an individual bristling with musical energy, from the epicentre of popular music, Liverpool. He is from a musical family and learnt many guitar skills from his father. On stage, he trades lead and rhythm guitar with John, and they complement each other’s playing beautifully.

Of course, we have to put up with his sharp Scouse wit, but that keeps us on our toes. When not playing killer guitar solos, Josh is a community youth worker in the Wrexham area.

Toby Bass Player - North Star Party Band


What Toby does not know about music is not worth knowing. He comes from the Glasgow area and was involved in the music industry from an early age, and when there were proper vinyl records.

He has been providing the steadfast melodic underpinnings of the band with his bass for over ten years. When Toby assumes the attack stance with his bass and wears a big smile on his face, you know the party is rockin’.

Bob Drummer - North Star Party Band


Bob can remember dancing to the rhythms of the washing machines in the local laundrette as a child and has loved dancing and rhythm ever since. He sees himself as the solid backbone of the music providing a flawless rhythmic powerhouse. Bob loves it when there are dancers on the floor as it powers his drumming along.

He loves melody just as much as rhythm and supports Clare with backing vocals.

Bob grew up in the Lake District but now works in Wrexham.

He plays an electric drum kit, which means that the volume can be turned down for smaller venues. This is a very useful function.