What We Do

We are a lively five-piece party band, playing popular hits from the 60’s right through to the present day. Our lead singer Clare has a fantastic warm voice. We are based in the Wrexham and Chester area.

We are very flexible to meet the requirements of your particular function. We use an electric drum kit, which means we can modulate the overall volume of our sound to perfectly suit the size of the venue and your requirements. We are sympathetic to the criticism that too many bands play far too loud.

Once our gear is set up, we can provide background music for the first part of your evening, until we are required to play live. We can also provide background music between live sets, and as we pack our equipment down. If you wish, you can provide the interlude music on your own phone, or iPad etc.

Arrival, Set up & Soundcheck

For functions and parties, most bands will be playing halfway through the evening. Therefore it is usually best if the set up and sound check are done before the event starts.

In such circumstances, we would usually arrive at 5pm, and set up and sound check as quickly and discretely as possible. This will usually take about an hour. The “soundcheck” will involve us playing live and full volume for about 10 minutes, in order to balance the sounds and get the best possible live sound for your specific venue.

In terms of the venue requirements, we will need a minimum of two power sockets, and good weather protection if the function is in a marque. For safety reasons, our equipment cannot be allowed to get wet.

If we are playing a pub, we would normally set up and sound check for one hour before we are due to start and then proceed straight into the performance. Most pubs request that the music starts around 9pm, so we would most likely arrive just before 8pm to “set up”.

Our Performance

You can choose the set list from our repertoire, and if booked sufficiently in advance we are happy to learn a song of your choice.

Most functions lend themselves to two set lists of 45 minutes, with a break of 20 minutes between the sets. However, we are happy to be flexible with these timings to meet the needs of your party.

During the break between sets, we will leave a playlist of carefully selected music running in the background through our PA system. We can play your set list if you provide the phone/ iPad etc.

If you have speeches or announcements to make, then these can be done through our PA.

After we have played our second live set, we can again leave some background music running until 12pm, or a later finish time as negotiated.

When we pack our equipment down, we will do this as quietly and discretely as possible, and it usually takes around one hour.